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Solar Delivery has a proven track record of working on Government projects with the best of services in solar panel installation. Solar Power panel is a one- time investment with low maintenance and great returns on solar panel price in terms of energy supply for a longer period.




Solar Delivery also works on residential projects for solar panels homes in Delhi providing an affordable solution for cleaner and greener energy requirement. Also cutting down considerably on bills, these solar panels installation in Delhi offers a great alternative to other energy resources. It is undoubtedly a cost -effective solution for residential energy requirement for homes in Delhi. 



Solar Panels offer a great solution to energy requirement of the  commercial spaces. As the commercial places have more requirement of electricity leading to heavy expenses on electricity bills, solar panel installation reduces the money woes of the consumers in homes in Delhi  to a great extent. Besides offering a cheaper, greener and cleaner energy resource, Solar Delivery promises a reliable and environment friendly energy resource through solar panel installation for a longer period of time.

About Us

Go Solar, Go Green. Solar power is the best alternative to save on exorbitant bills. We, at Solar Delivery, provide solution to all your problems related to power consumption through solar power plant installation, repair and maintenance. In the new millennium, it is imperative to be power-wise to make the environment sustainable as solar power plants are easy to install and maintain. And here we are to give you a greener, affordable and reliable alternative to your hefty electricity bills. Our team has, in store, for you a variety of affordable and new designs of solar power panels to cater to all your needs. As the design of solar panels depends on variety of factors such as, inverter, ACDB, DCDB, earthing-kit, structure, etc. we prefer giving you the best of solutions in solar plant installation.

OUR services

Solar Plant Installation

Solar Panel Installation in Delhi is done with great efficacy and diligence. Our team at Solar Delivery works with great care and professionalism to provide exemplary services to our clients. Installation of panels requires certain measures to  ensure hassle free services to our customers. The team surveys the site and gives estimated cost and dimensions of the equipment, that is, the solar panel to make it a convenient and a delightful experience.

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Solar Plant Maintenance

Solar Power Systems come with long term warranty and regular check-ups. Once solar plant installation is done, we ensure good maintenance services of the solar panels and inverters through our amazing team of professionals. We also provide cleaning and maintenance of the solar panels to make them dust free and ensure durability.

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Solar Equipment Delivery

We, at Solar Delivery, not only provide solar panel installation and maintenance services but also offer a quick and fast delivery of the solar equipment to your door step. We make sure that the solar power equipment reaches in the safest way to avoid any inconvenience.

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Solar services

SolarDelivery is the one-stop-solution for all your needs for power saving by solar power installation for homes in Delhi. Here we have provisions for  solar panel installation, care, maintenance and solar equipment delivery in Delhi and after installation services too,to make things convenient and better for our clients.

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Why Solar

Zero Electricity Bills

As the solar powered systems are connected to the state grid, customers are required to pay only the surplus electricity that they consumed. The credits will be adjusted based on net metering policy in the state.

Passive Mode of Income for Consumers

Connection of the solar system with the grid allows consumers to earn for the surplus power that they had produced. This not only abolishes their electricity bills but also helps in generating cash.

Reduce Emissions

Using solar rooftop systems, one can reduce around 60 million tons of carbon dioxide while comparing it with conventional sources during its 25 years of life cycle. This also is a plus point for using solar powered systems for electricity consumption.

Position of Solar Power against Other Renewables

India keeps on being tormented by a relentless demand/supply gap with a peak power shortage of 2.1% in 2017-18 as per Central Electricity Authority, further push the electricity prices.


₹Rs 2,900 per Unit
₹Rs 25 per Meter
₹Rs 1.7 per Piece
₹Rs 4 per Piece
₹Rs 4,500 per Piece
₹Rs 85 per Unit
₹Rs 65 per Unit
₹Rs 1,450 per Unit
₹Rs 27.5 per Meter
₹Rs 42 per Unit
₹Rs 195 per Unit
₹Rs 100 per Meter
₹Approx: Rs 5 per Piece
₹Approx: Rs 85 per Unit
₹Approx: Rs 1,200 per Unit
₹Rs 850 per Unit
₹Rs 500 per Piece
₹Rs 5 per Number
₹Rs 12 per Piece
₹Rs 300 per Peice
₹Rs 15,000 per Unit
₹Rs 10,000 per Unit



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