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"How do I maintain my solar panels to ensure maximum electricity production?". We are frequently asked about this by our customers. Let us answer this question. Actually, solar energy systems usually don’t require a lot of maintenance. You only need to keep them relatively clean, so cleaning them a couple of times per year will do the job. If in doubt, you can always rely on us. We offer prompt and efficient maintenance service for our customers. We have the knowledge and resources that needed to keep your system running at peak performance. Our flexible and cost-effective solutions will maximize and protect your solar investment for years to come.

Generally, the inverter is the only part that needs to change after 5-10 years because it is continuously working to convert solar energy into electricity and heat. Solar power inverters require regular maintenance by specialized technicians. Solar inverter maintenance is required to keep the component in compliance with the warranty, prevent irreparable damage, and ensure the solar system maximizes energy output. Our maintenance team is trained to repair a wide solar inverter range. Solar Delivery provides solar inverter maintenance solutions range of inverter brands and models on the market today, and we quickly mobilize to do so. Solar Delivery internal technical and safety training provide guidance, training, and safety protocols when working with solar inverters.

Apart from the inverter, the cables also need maintenance to ensure your solar power system runs at maximum efficiency. So, after covering the initial cost of the solar system, you can expect very little spending on maintenance and repair work.

As with any revenue generating asset, solar owners should always be looking for ways to increase revenue while simultaneously decreasing costs. To that end, keeping your solar system at peak efficiency with solar maintenance is critical to ensuring maximum return on investment (ROI). Solar panels that are properly maintained can last for many years. Solar Delivery provides expert operations and maintenance service for customers. And we are one of the leading solar plant maintenance service provider in Delhi. Solar Delivery's solar operations and maintenance services are set up as follows:

Preventative Maintenance- On-site inspections and repairs for revenue performing and other mission-critical systems.

Service and Repairs- Individually contracted services. This includes solar panel cleaning for residential and commercial systems, diagnostics, repairs, energy analytics, commissioning/re-commissioning, asset acceptance, etc.

Solar Delivery Home Operations and Maintenance Plan

Solar Delivery Home Operations and Maintenance Plan offer post-construction system inspections, annual preventative and manufacturer required maintenance and remote system monitoring by our technicians. Solar Delivery engineers and technicians are ready to jump into action if solar services or corrective maintenance is needed.

Solar Delivery Commercial Operations and Maintenance Plan

The Solar Delivery Commercial Operations and Maintenance Plan is a full-service Solar Operation& Maintenance plan that provides system monitoring, preventative maintenance, production reporting, and the best of all, a hassle-free solar maintenance guarantee. Any repairs needed will be completed by our expert technicians at significantly discounted rates.

Solar Delivery ensures a hassle-free solar panel repair and here is what we offer in maintenance service.

Cleaning: Whether you’re looking for the best performance possible or just prefer the pleasing aesthetics of a clean solar panel system, our trained technicians safely wash your panels using the techniques, equipment, and cleaners approved by panel manufacturers. To remove a layer of dust, panels are simply washed with soft water. If the module has thick dirt or grime and bird droppings, which are harder to remove, cold water is used, and the panel surface is cleaned with a sponge.

Defect Checking: A visual inspection of the modules is done periodically to look for possible defects such as cracks, chips, delamination, fogged glazing, water leaks and discoloration. If any obvious defects are found, their location is noted down in the system logbook so that they can be monitored for generation output. If the damage causes the modules to perform lower than the rated value, they should be replaced. Solar Delivery provides a thorough solar panel repair service if required.

Structure Stability: Solar module mounting frames are examined to make certain that the frames and modules are firmly secured, and mounting bolts are rust free. Junction boxes are inspected to ensure that the wires are not chewed by rodents or insects. Our solar panel repair service offers a regular check on your solar panel for its better performance.

Inverter / charge controller: This component is maintained by minimizing dust accumulation. A dry cloth is used to wipe away any accumulated dirt/dust. After which a visual inspection ensures that all the indicators such as LED lights are working and the wires leading to and from this device are not loose. If self-checks are done, note that the charge controller should indicate that the system is charging when the sun is shining.

Wiring and connections

Wiring installations are regularly checked for any cracks, breaks or deterioration in the insulation. Panel boxes are scrutinized to prevent the box becoming a home for rodents and insects. Moreover, the connections are inspected for corrosion and/or burning. Being one of the most reliable centre for solar plant maintenance in Delhi, we provide our advanced service to our customer.

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