We are a home-tech start-up, fueled by a blend of Image Processing, Solar-experts, IOT and Data Analytics. 

We are fathoming vitality issues of India by utilizing un-used housetops for sun powered, giving sense and control of each machine in one's home. 

We have heaps of one of a kind highlights 

SolarDelivery is a cleantech organization whose mission is to use every single urban housetop with sun powered power frameworks. 

1. Best Quality and Prices Guaranteed 

SolarDelivery gives value assurance to the majority of our customers. In case you're ready to discover a value citation lower than us with a similar quality, we won't just match the cost however will give you 1% rebate on the most reduced citation. 

2. Guaranteed Subsidy 

SolarDelivery guarantees that every one of our customers get pertinent appropriations from different Central and State Government associations. 

3. Framework outline 

Our everything Technical experts configuration group guarantees all electrical and common plans of our frameworks are consistent with our Government standards to guarantee strength and security.


Solar panels absorb the sun's energy throughout the day and convert it into direct current (DC) electricity. Most homes and businesses run on alternating current (AC) electricity, so the DC electricity is then passed through an inverter to convert it to usable AC electricity. It is then supplied to your house for use.

In a rooftop solar system, the solar panels can be set up on the roof of any residential, commercial, institutional or industrial building. They are of two types:

(i) Grid connected rooftop solar system, or

(ii) Rooftop solar system with storage facility using battery.


A Solar cell, also known as a photovoltaic cell, is an electrical device that converts the energy of sunlight into electricity by the photovoltaic effect


There are various financial and environmental benefits of going Solar are: 
Make Money From Sun
Solar Grid Tied system generates electricity by converting light energy to electrical energy. The generated electricity is sent back to the grid which reduces electricity bill of our clients. 
Free Electricity for 25 years
Solar panels have a 25 years output warranty. Therefore, once installed they generate free electricity for 25 years.
Return on Investment
An average Indian home can have a payback period of 4 years on their solar panel system and ROI of more than 25%. 
Environment Friendly
The most well known fact about solar energy is that it represents a clean source of energy. Solar power is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Moreover, 1 kW of solar power system is equal to planting 154 trees.

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