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  • 1000V DC Surge Protection Device

1000V DC Surge Protection Device

₹Rs 1,450 per Unit

Product Details:

Phase Three Phase
Number Of Poles 2.0
Class C
Voltage Rating 1000 V DC
Height 89.8 mm
Depth 65.7 mm (incl. DIN rail 7.5 mm)
Horizontal pitch 3 Div.
Maximum continuous operating voltage 1170 V DC
Width 53.4 mm

PV systems require special protective circuits. Depending on the system configuration and grounding conditions, we provide suitable arresters that can safely handle these high DC voltages.
Pre-assembled set solutions simplify the installation of surge protection in your PV system. In addition, tracking and monitoring systems must also be protected against interference and data loss. Use appropriate arresters to protect the data and control cables

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