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  • Elmex MC4 Y Branch Connector

Elmex MC4 Y Branch Connector

₹Rs 195 per Unit

Product Details:

Rated Voltage 1000V / 1500V DC
Rated Current 25A (2.5 mm2), 30A (4.0 mm2, 6.0 mm2)
Test Voltage 6KV (1000V) / 8KV (1500V)
Contact Material Copper / Copper Alloy with Nickel and Tin Plating
Ambient Temperature -40 degree C to +85 degree C
Max Operating Temperature +110 degree C
Safety Class II
Locking System Snap In
Height 62.50 mm
Brand Elmex
Model Number EBPV4F
Degree Of Protection IP 67

Elmex MC4 Y Branch Connector are applicable for parallel connection with PV straight male or female connectors depending on the on-site application. Branch connectors have 3 branches, 2 for inputs either male or female & 1 for output either male or female. These connectors are constructed using fame retardant thermoplastic suitable for exposure to UV rays & for application in PV power generation system. When mated, they can be disconnected with the use of elmex make open end spanner.elmex branch connectors have mating compatibility not only with elmex straight connectors but also with straight connectors of leading International makes having similar construction.


Technical Information:

  • Contact Resistance - < 0.5m
  • Insertion Force - <_ 50 N
  • Withdrawal Force- >_ 50 N

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